Blob Wall

Blob Wall is a modular wall system made of lightweight honeycomb material designed by architect Greg Lynn. The material is a low-density recyclable and impact resistant polymer. It is a free standing wall that has Interior/Exterior applications. Each piece fits into each other like a jigsaw blocks to achieve a whole range of 3D configurations. The weird shape was achieved with the use of a CNC machine.

While the Blob software has been part of FORM studio’s toolbox for a number of years Lynn’s vision for the Blob Wall could only be realized once the collaboration with Panelite a company specializing in innovative architectural materials took flight. The modules that make up Blob Wall are a low-density recyclable and impact-resistant polymer. Each one of the Blob units is custom-shaped using a 3D Robotic arm developed by Machineous a Los Angeles firm that works with architects on custom rapid prototyping projects of this kind. The arm creates individual tri-lobed hollow forms.

Unlike a brick wall – or any other modular structure for that matter – the Blob Wall is composed of uniquely intersecting modules. No two Walls are alike. And while FORM first experimented with 5 initial prototypes – such as the igloo s-curve or u-curve – the possibilities within these forms are highly variable. Combine that with the expansive selection of colours and the variations for Blob Wall are essentially infinite. While Lynn’s studio’s proposals have straddled the edges between art design and architecture for some time the Blob Wall may actually leap over the edge to challenge the building blocks of architecture.

More about Gregg Lynn’s Blob Wall – Here

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