Pink Snails

Pink Snails on the green.

Cracking Art Group (CAP) – Pink Snails, on the green.The snails originated in Italy where the Cracking Art Group (CAP) is infamous for creating a number of other giant animals and sculptures (CAP is known for sticking tortoises in the 2009 G-8 Environmental Summit in Siracusa Italy). The group is committed to sustainability and expresses their fervor through creating sculptures from recycled plastic – one aspect that the city of Miami found particularly appealing. “Recycling is so much a part of the culture now that it’s easy to forget how important it is and that we can always do more. This fun art project will make people stop and wonder- and then stop and think ” says Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower.

The installation’s official name is “The Regeneration Art project ” but it’s best characterized by the name of its website: While in Florida some of the snails will also be lit by solar-powered lights but we anticipate all of them will stick out like alien orbs along the Miami expressways provoking laughter rolled eyes and maybe a sense of amused foreboding.

Cracking Art Group (CAP) – Pink Snails, on the green.

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