Our Objectives

  • Provide a Forum for Members to Network
  • Contribute to the Overall Stability and Integrity of the Industry
  • Promote Research and Development
  • Promote Fair Trading Practices
  • Liaise With Other Organisations World Wide
  • Promote the Process

Subscription to Rotoconnect is open to  all rotational moulders, anywhere in the world other than Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific.

By joining Rotoconnect you will pay an annual subscription to a curated membership benefit experience including:

  • Listing for your business on this website
  • Unlimited access to our huge library of technical resources
  • Access to Rotomoulding TV
  • Ability to liaise and network with other companies around the world.

ARMA offers a range of memberships to companies that are in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific areas within the following categories:

Rotational Moulder Member – Any company which operates using the rotational moulding process, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Supply Chain Member  – Any company which supplies the rotational moulding industry, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Professional or Client Members – Any person or company who is a client of a member or who consults to the industry, regardless of the number of locations in which they operate.

Education Member – Any person or organisation that provides education, training or specialist research for the rotational moulding industry.

ARMA Supporter – This is for any person or company that wishes to access the benefits of ARMA that is unable to become a member of any other organisation.

There is no initial “joining fee”  and membership entitles you to receive a subsidised copy of Rotoworld Magazine which is produced in the USA. Regular email newsletters including business referrals, special offers and industry news are developed by the Association and forwarded to members all over the world.  All of the RotoConnect inclusions plus advocacy, discounted events and more!

Looking for a Moulder?

If you are looking for a quality partner to manufacture your products or an industry supplier you can either use this site to find a member or email us for help! To find out more about working with our moulders, check out our advice page.

Member Looking For Help?

Rotoconnect has a huge library of technical documents, training videos, codes of practice and conference presentations available free of charge to members on our Rotoconnect Drive. If you are a member and would like access, just email us!

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